Thursday, November 15, 2012

Stop imagining it, Has.

Truth be told, when the war between Palestine and Israel begun years ago, it didn't really affect me emotionally or spiritually. I did pray for my fellow Muslims, but just half-heartedly.

And then I came across a novel by Khaled Hosseini entitled A Thousand Splendid Sun. Now, when the Zionists commenced their war against Palestine once again, and I read all these stories about what happened there, the people who were killed in the attacks, I can imagine what's happening vividly. It's just like what happened in the novel. The bombing, the terror. How the victims felt. And the image, it's really horrible. I just can't :'(

They say that my imagination is powerful, I can live a story. But this is one story I really don't want it to  come alive.

I don't remember the character's name, but I remember there was this part when this girl's father wanted the whole family to move out from the country. It was a peaceful sunny day, they were packing and moving their stuff, the girl walked out of the house, and suddenly she felt something flew by just inches from her left ear, then she heard a very loud noise, and she was thrown from the ground. She blacked out for a moment, when she came to conscious, she couldn't hear anything, and then she saw something fell and rolled beside her. It was her father's head. :'( Oh dear God...

I pray that our prayers reach to Allah the Almighty. Please ease their sufferings. Amin.