Friday, November 2, 2012

No other...

...There will never be another time like that time.

Last night I had one of those sleepless nights. Many thoughts ran through my mind. One of them was that the purpose of my life. What my future holds, how much time I have left, what would I make of it.

Then I wonder why did Allah send me on this path, to this unfamiliar part of the world. I know I want it, but Allah always has His reasons. He opened up my path and made it easy, but what's the purpose?

And then I realized that the heart is important for the soul. Some people might look bad judging from their appearances but possess a good, kind heart. Some people might look innocent from the outside but rotten on the inside. What I'm saying is that I shouldn't judge people for their one bad deed, or hate people just because they sin differently from me. Who am I to judge anyone anyway? I should be more forgiving.

Honestly, I don't think I'm generally a person with a good heart. So I hope that in the future, while I'm reading this post, it would remind me that sincerity is the most important thing. Everything I do, do it not for the gain nor the loss, not myself nor my loved ones, but do it for Allah. Remember that, Has. Everything comes from Him, remember!

Hahaha being away from home really has its effects on me spiritually. Meh.