Sunday, November 11, 2012


Howdy folks!

Read through my previous posts and realized I sounded so foolish in most posts kahkahkahkah! Ah never mind.

Yesterday I went to the Nottingham Games, also known as the Notts Game. It's an annual sport event organized by the Malaysia Societies all over Europe, or UK, I don't know specifically. Basically the Malaysian students / athletes gather in Nottingham every year to compete in sports. I really wish I'm in the athlete category. I watched the badminton matches, they're not even half as good as those from KPMBP (excluding me, of course). Maybe I should give it a try next year.

I went as a supporter who wasn't supportive at all, and the trip was pretty boring -_- You can say that yesterday was an unlucky day for me haha. I'll tell you why.

During departure, my friends and I were queuing to get on the NCL uni bus, but just when it's our turn to hop on board, the bus was already full, we had to take the Northumbria Uni bus =.= the bus was full of people I've never met, so it was a quiet journey swt.

At the event, they had this Malaysian Food Festival, and I was looking forward to it. I planned to eat as much as I can. I was among the firsts to arrive at the festival, but we brought food for breakfast, so we thought maybe we should just wait til lunch, then only we'd go frenzy. Biggest mistake of the day. By noon, the place was full of people, and we didn't get to buy anything nice. All the delicious food were sold out -_-

Also I didn't get to watch any of NCL matches. As soon as I arrived, either they've JUST finished their match or they've already lost haizzz.

To make it worse, remember I said I had to take Northumbria Uni bus? Well, my friend decided she wanted to switch bus so we did. I was reluctant to do so since it would make it difficult for Charlie (MalSoc pres) to sort us out but I didn't feel like arguing. Guess what, of all the three buses, our bus broke down in the middle of the highway T^T we had to stand in the cold for an hour or so while they tried to fix the bus. The most painful experience since I arrived here, lucky I didn't catch a cold, alhamdulillah. =.= Honestly I was pretty pissed because this wouldn't have happened if we hadn't switched bus. But my friend felt pretty bad, and it's not worth getting angry over anyway. This will be one of those memories that can bring good laughs hahaha.

Anyway, it's not entirely bad. We went around the university, the park has many wild squirrels! And I actually got to bond (sort of) with one of em heheheh. It was scared of me at first, but I gave it a piece of bread and it hang out for awhile. Aaahh so cute~ fed the ducks as well, when I ran out of bread, the ducks and the squirrels followed me around. My friends called me "mak itik" hahahaha ah so cute.

That sums up my trip. And oh, I found Haris' doppelganger, but not bald. They could be twins, or maybe I've already forgotten how Haris looks like in person hahaha. Can't really blame my memory, it's been too long.

I really miss my mom. Should I fly her here? I really don't mind starving myself just so I could see her T^T