Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy birthday, Pja!

Howdy folks!

Today 6th September 2012 is Pja's 21st birthday. Happy birthday, homes! I just got back from a (sort of) vacation with her, Yan, Nisah and Aten. It's been awhile since our last vacation, it was great! Never felt younger.

Anyways Pja, kau tau aku suka Korean stuff so I'm gonna wish you in Hangul - saengil chukahamnida, chinguya! You're one of those few people I will really miss while I'm away. We can skype, we can whatsapp, but it's not the same dude. I hangout with you the most since you don't mind hanging out with my different circle of friends. That's what makes you cool, true story bro. Nanti lepas degree kita amik ACCA sama2 mari. All the while during our little vacation, I was wishing it would never end. Honestly I felt like we're running out of time to have that much fun. We're already 21. In a few years, we will inevitably change, or at least our lives will. We will go on similar but different paths, we will get married, probably sooner than we think, and there will be no more time when we can hang out like we did. I can no longer make silly jokes and pun, aww man. All this I will miss dearly.

Papepun aku doakan segala impian kau tercapai, bahagia dan kekal dengan bakal suami kau nanti, murah rezeki and most of all panjang umur melebihi aku. InsyaAllah, amin!

Saranghaeyo, chingu~ skali skala nak mushy mushy muah muah muah~~