Saturday, June 16, 2012

Capacity: Maximum

"Megajin ada?"
"Itu ladybug."
"Yakult ada free-gip." (in fact it's actually VITAGEN not YAKULT =.=)
"Mau redeem voucher."
"Wrapping kena ambil nombor ke?"
"Has rehat sorang."
"Check point."
"Tukar kad."

These words play on my mind every night before I go to sleep, and frequently in my dreams T_T I'm tired of the same routine of annoyance, anger and frustration. It's probably time to quit and find a new job. A job that doesn't turn me into a bitter person.

Yeah yeah yeah hunting for a new job! Pjasugusribenaskittlesnyumnyum jom cari kerja baru!