Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just the birds and payphone.

Howdy folks!

Finally got my internet back, jyeahh!! My modem got struck by lightning a couple of weeks ago, which forced me to subscribe to mobile internet because I don't want to lose contact with my homies (half succeed). The first thing I did after my internet was fixed was tried to answer Tenot's questionnaire, but it was unexpectedly mentally challenging hahaha. Nanti aku akan attempt lg, sblom ko abes cuti aku setelkan k Tenot. ^^

A few weeks ago I went to Japan for Super Show 4 in Tokyo, and took the opportunity to go for a vacation as well. It was my first time travelling far from home. Honestly, the trip put me in a lot of pressure and stress, but it was worth it. The trip was amazing, and I can't even describe my SS4 experience without tearing. The memories were too beautiful, but I guess it's not worth mentioning here because people just don't care about my obsession and it's annoying, eh?

I am forever indebted to Ayap and Mat for taking me sightseeing around Tokyo. Didn't think he'd actually show up hahaha but he did. Thanks Ayap, aku akan ingat sampai akhirat. ^^ 

Anyway, to those of you who use Whatsapp and have my phone number, feel free to holla. I might not answer you right away because I'm working from morning til midnight almost everyday, but yeah just holla. I'll reply when I'm free :)