Monday, April 23, 2012

An angel

When I feel like giving up on my job, I think of him who loves to work.
When I feel tired at work, I think of him who is somewhere working hard.
When the customers piss me off and I am about to lose it, I think of him who always smile despite what the many haters spit in his face.
When I don't feel like smiling, I think of his laugh.
When I feel like complaining how hard I have to work, I think of the reward it will bring this May. Or rather, what reward I will bring him.
When I don't feel like working at all, I think of him who genuinely loves what he does.
It's true.
He is the one I always think about when I go to work.
His hard work. His humbleness. His honesty. His sincerity.
It gives me the strength to continue working.
And most of all...
His gratitude makes it all worth the sacrifice.