Sunday, March 25, 2012

Eepa eepa!

Howdy folks.

Right now, there are probably more than a thousand people I can call friends, but you'll know they are special when you don't need Facebook to remind you it's their birthday. It's 26th of March 2012, one of my homies, Izyan Ayuni Zurkinain's 21st birthday!

I don't think I need to say it, it's pretty obvious, but she is one of the very few important people in my life. She determines my moods, my emotions, my days and mostly my life. In my world, her kind is at extinction; you can count with your fingers. I had a quarrel with her a few days ago, it was the first time since I can remember, and I gotta admit, I've been very distressed by it. It's my fault though, I lost my cool and snapped at her. I shouldn't have, she already has so many things on her hand to juggle, with exams and homesickness to deal with, I shouldn't have burdened her with all those things I said. I'm a fucking douche. -_-

Sorry Yan aku terlambat 1 hour 33 minutes wish kau, terlalu khusyuk tengok Merlin -_-'' Aku dah wish kat Whatsapp, Twitter dan Facebook, ini birthday message kau through Blogspot plak. Malam nnt skype plak. Ok nak mula.

Happy birthday homie! Antara the trio kau yg paling tua, walaupun beza kita bertiga stiap sorang 3 bulan. Eh baru aku prasan birthday kita bulan 369 xD nampaknye 3 is our lucky number. Sbenarnye aku patut wish mak kau, tp macam awkward kalo aku message mak kau in person, so tolong smpikan kat mak ko: "makcik, tahniah berjaya beranakkn Yan 21 taun yg lepas, which indirectly mempengaruhi sebahagian besar hidup saya, so terima kasih. ps: burung sihat, tapi Aten masih out of control."

Normally aku akan wish people "semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki" blabla typical birthday wish, tapi untuk kau I mean it. You must live longer than me Yan so nanti aku tak perlu go through the grief. Dan of course mesti murah rezeki, supaya kau dapat rezeki jadi the doctor yg akan selamatkan nyawa aku dan pronounce my death. No worries, aku akan idup up to 100 years old insyaAllah kalau aku kurangkan sugar intake. Also, selamat menyambut hari jadi pertama kat Ireland. Kau may be homesick, tapi kami kat sini homie-sick. Same-o feeling, so cheer up. Balik nanti kita celebrate birthday kita bertiga terus serentak time birthday Pja.

See ya in a few months. Rasa macam awkward sebab tak biasa express it in words kat kau, but I love you homie, no matter what happens. To the moon and back bahahahha gay. I miss you T___T


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Life memoir. A day to remember. HAS, A DAY TO REMEMBER WEYH!

Howdy folks.

I wanna keep this as a memoir of my homie and I first bickering since we became real close homies. Not gonna go into details, I just want to remember the date. 20/03/2012.

But I'm not worried. I think our sisterhood can handle a few tantrums.

To whom this may concern, if you're ready this, I'm sorry I got angry, but I'm not sorry for the things I said because they are my honest opinion. Still, I'm sorry if I offended yeh -_-

It's awkward to get all lovey dovey with yeh so let's just skip the part.