Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm just tired...

Howdy folks.

I have yet to post my experience about SS4, and I have it in my draft, and the draft itself is more than 2000 words, and I'm not even half finished, hmm probably 1/5? Hahaha. I'm taking my sweet time writing it as I don't want to forget anything, at all.

Let's just take a break for a minute.

Lately, I've been feeling kinda weary. I think I'm paranoid but hahaha should I really mention it here? I shouldn't. But this coincidence is just killing me, and what might literally kill me is that the other person doesn't even know what s/he just caused here. Paranoia is a serious disease. But it's just....why?

To the one I have come to care lately, I notice how stress has caused you to age faster than normal people do. You used to be so beautiful, so...youthful but now I can see the tiredness in your eyes. My friend has been telling me how beautiful you are, but when I look at you, I only see the unhappy, exhausted, weary person, not the weird but awesome guy with happy go lucky attitude I once knew. I wish I could take you away on a holiday just to give you some rest. I pray to God that He would send you someone who would take care of you. Please get some rest. And don't let what people say bother you because you're just awesome. People talk, that's what they do. Sighh. Hope telepathy works. Kyahh KYAHHH!! *thinking hard to send the signal*

And no I'm not talking about Heechul -_-

Okay off to bed. Cheerio!