Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm in love.

Howdy folks!
I really love them, I really do. And I wish to stay this way forever. I do :')

Afeef Firdaus dan Azad Harith, Mak Su sayang gile lah kat korang hahaha. Sampai luka2 bibir sebab geram punye pasal. Eeeee geram~ xD

I'm feeling so free right now. I'm done with my diploma. I don't think I'll be able to score a silver award this semester because everything was so messed up. I don't think I put enough efforts into my studies. I was pretty distracted. Every second my mind was (and still is) constantly thinking of this 3rd December 2011.

I almost gave up on my Financial Accounting 5 paper, literally. The night before the exam, I decided I was going to reseat the paper, and I wanted to go home early. But then I thought that'd be foolish and I'm gonna regret it later. 10 hours before the paper started, I called my lecturer asking for advice, he said he believed in me. So thanks to Sir Zaki and of course Pja who nagged me for a good half an hour, I gave it a try. Studied everything from scratch, and I think I did good, but not enough to get an A or even B+. Sighhh. I guess I can kiss my dream of studying abroad goodbye.

Happy holiday everyone. I'll post again soon.


Monday, November 7, 2011


Howdy folks.

I'm leaving all the fun aside for a month for final examinations. Why do I have to worry about finals when most of my homies are on break T_T nanti aku cuti diorang pulak busy =.='' haihhhh sadis. Have a good day everyone. Enjoy yourself, break a leg, but not literally like Aten. Mu ni tak sampai berape bulan dah eksiden kecilan. Buat risau orang je -.-'' take care of yourself kiddo.

Dah Has pegi kemas barang. Cheerio.