Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blah blah blah. Yapping again.

Howdy folks.

Many (sbenarnye sorang je) have been asking me to update my blog. Yeah it does seem pretty dusty. I really don't have anything to say these days. My homies had already updated about our fun outings even before I could type "Howd....". Don't you folks have anything else to update on? Let me do the easy ones!

So I uhh nothing fun has happened to me in awhile. I'm having fever, my throat hurts, I can't breathe through my nose and I've been coughing nonstop for days now. Ah. I hate fever.

Starting from here, there are alot of times when I'll forget the correct word, or what I'm about to say. Pardon my amnesia. It's (partly) because of the drugs.

I'm gonna talk about Pja's recent post about losing her....?? whatever. What she's been going through lately, or uhh how do I put this. Her life as a student now, is actually very similar to mine. I just realized now that I hadn't been learning anything since this semester started! Everyday, I go to class with my ears plugged. I pretend to listen to what the lecturers are saying, but really, I'm actually listening to music. Ah. -_-'' I should change this stupid habit, before it turns me stupid like Pja said. But the problem is, if I don't listen to music, I'll doze off. Regardless of how many hours of sleep I had the night before. Macam mana? T_T

Anyway, another thing is that, err, my lecturers seem to be developing a habit of nominating me for every position available. -_-'' first, I was selected as one of the naqibah. I don't know what makes them think I'm capable of becoming one swttt. But I couldn't really say no to it, not when it involves my religion. I accepted the job, although I'm not sure if I could guide my juniors well. Haizz.

And then I was enlisted as one of the MPP candidates. I didn't even know my name was on the list. I thought you had to apply to be a candidate, but apparently not. BUT! Lucky I found out about it in time. I backed out just in time the night before the manifesto started. Told them I couldn't take such heavy responsibility (malas ckp je malas). They were very insisting, though. Took me half an hour to convince them. But seriously, aku takde lah baik mana kat kolej tu. Why in the world...? -_- haizzz. In the end, I ended up becoming one of the PRS T____T I don't want anymore positions. I'm happy with just being the secretary of AFPAC! Please T____T

I'm not exactly a fan of korean dramas, but I can tolerate with the variety shows. They're hilarious. I'll be going to Super Junior's Super Show 3 in Malaysia on the 19th of March. Let's just hope I'll get the ticket.

Oh, a bit late for me to be talking about this, but yeah CHELSEA LOST TO LIVERPOOL bahahahahahaha. AGAINNN!!! Bahhahaahahha. We didn't need Torres to win. Heck, we didn't even need a 2nd goalkeeper (Suarez) to win! We rock.

And the red devils lost to the wolves. The first of the season. Thank you Wolves for proving that the Red Devils are not unbeatable after all. Cheers.

Aite, off to bed. Cheerio!