Thursday, December 16, 2010

Two best highlights of this holiday! :D

Howdy folks!

I am in an extremely good mood, but am bored at the same time. Boredom makes me anxious. So here I am, trying to ease my anxiety while waiting for the downloads to finish. I am currently downloading Vampire Diaries season 2 and Lost season 2 - 6. Yesterday had gone 'wasted' as I didn't download any episodes due to my absence from home. But more on that later.

We will all be back in college in 3 weeks time. Tops. 3 weeks I am going to live to the fullest. I am going to sleep as less as possible and enjoy every moment of it. I'm going to finish Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (which my bro called it "Ass in crude brothelhood" -___________-'') as slow as possible. I don't want to run out on entertainment, eh. And I'm also searching for the best book titles to read later in college. Anyone has any suggestion? Let me know!

I know the title doesn't match the content haha. I've sidetracked from my initial idea. But nevermind. I'll create another post later on. Right now, I'm heading downstairs to watch any football match playing. See you guys in a bit aite.