Monday, December 13, 2010

Somehow unplanned outings are more fun.

Howdy folks.

Today I went out with Tenot, Aqie and Raje again. Tenot called around 2pm asking me if I wanted to go for karaoke at Danga Bay. I'd never say no to such invitation haha. But before we went to Danga Bay, we stopped at Perling Mall (to wait for Raje) and at Angsana (to visit Rahmah who is working at an optical shop. Ironically, when we arrived, she was actually sleeping hahaha. Cool eh, able to sleep during work. We stayed for an hour or so, then we left for our destination. It has finer choices of songs, that place we went to. They even have japanese songs! Too bad I can't remember the lyrics. Next time I wanna sing Orange Range's songs. Should be fun haha. After that we went to Jusco Bukit Indah to dine. It took us half an hour to decide where to eat. -_- we ended up dining at BBQ Chicken. That place is expensive, I tell ya! -.-''

Anyway, it was fun. Of course, hanging out with them is always fun. I love my homies, folks hahaha. I wish Yan had more time in JB. Feel like we didn't hang out enough -_-''

By the way, it's Arsenal v Manchester Utd later on. I hope Arsenal beat the crap out of Man U. I hate that club.


ps: Fatin Atiqah, bila mau kuar dengan saya kah? -_-''