Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh nostalgia, you're my new regrets.

Someone said to me, "no offence, but I don't understand most of your posts. Too much play at words." Maybe. Would you rather I post stuff like, "I love noodles!!" or "I'm eating icecream!!"?


Howdy folks, how are ya? I've just finished watching movies marathon. It started ok, but then after three movies the storylines in my head kinda got jumbled up and I can't tell apart which scene is from which movie. So I stopped after the sixth movie. Now I don't know who's the guy that keeps popping in my mind.

Anyway, I've been home for a week plus now. Being home is always fun, like I said thousand times before. Things couldn't go wrong ya know? Life's great around your homies.

I've went out a few times. The first time I went out with Pja and Yan for karaoke. I really got on Yan's nerve when I sang that Bieber song. So right now I'm memorizing more Bieber songs to sing to her. I'm also learning some of his moves. She'd be delighted.

The second time it was with the F.U.Clan babes plus Yan. Sya, Jue, Pja, and Petom. We watched Megamind, the six of us. The movie's kinda okay I guess. Then Yan had to go home, but the five of us went to err some place to take pictures. We went for karaoke. Again.

The third time I went out with Raja, Aqie, Yan and Abang. The two boys and I watched Due Date, and the movie's good, though not as great as the Hangover. This might sound odd, but I find Robert Downey Jr....I don't know if I should use 'hot' or 'sexy', but yeah you get the picture. Then we ate at err I dunno what's the name of the mexican restaurant. El Amigos? I dunno. But the teriyaki burger was delicious.

I regret mentioning the burger, you know why.

None of the outings were planned, but I had fun. Like I said thousand and one times before, life around homies is heaven.

My stomach hurts for the burger. Damn burger.