Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Killing is a crime.

Howdy folks. Killing some time before the Champions League matches kick off. There's nothing to do during the day, so I can sleep through it.

I don't mind spending time at home, but I prefer to spend my holiday outside. Staying home during the day is super boring cuz I'm home alone. Everyone's off to work. Plenty of stuff to do, but I'm getting tired of watching TV and reading all day. But my homies are short on budget, and most of em have stuff to do at home. I'm pretty envious in some way -_-

Yan is going back to Penang. I'm seriously considering to follow her to Penang. I wanna eat that funny food I once had. I forgot the name. But it's super delicious. *drooling*

Ran out of ideas. Off for now. Cheerio!