Thursday, December 30, 2010

Highlights of 2010.

Howdy folks.

Oh dear, 2010 is almost over. So let's see if I've achieved anything this year. I can't really remember anything from the early year. But here goes.

- Fall Out Boy called for indefinite hiatus T_T (why the hell do I remember this?! -.-)
- Went to KPM Branang for English Carnival. It was probably the best memory I've ever had in KPM. Great times.
- Achieved 3.86 GPA for sem 2. Dropped to 3.44 for sem 3. Testa di cazzo.
- Joined PSN, but got my ass kicked out haha. Funny times.
- Had my toenail removed. One hell of experience.
- Had a fall out with a friend. And still broken.
- Got silver medal for KASUKMA.
- Got barred for final exam for the first time of my life. But I managed to un-bar hahaha. I don't know what's the correct term.
- World Cup 2010. Spain won the WC for the first time since I don't know when.
- I became an official Gleek.
- My house got a renovation. Wow. A year ago my house was very different from now.
- I was elected as the secretary of AFPAC. I gotta stop taking responsibilities, because I'm no good at it.
- my brother got married.
- I learned to do a bunch of stuff. I started a business, I learned to play drums, guitar and dance. Not exactly getting good at any of those, but at least I know a little something.
- Jia won't be around next year. I wish not to talk about this.
- I talked about football alot hahaha. Wow, I've realized how annoying it is hahahahahahah.

So that was all I could think of right now. No achievements at all, wow. Each success was blown by another failure. 2010 is not my year. Definitely.

Anyway, goodbye 2010 and hello 2011. I can't tell the future, but one thing for sure, I'll be ending my teen years in six months or so. I'm turning 20 oh crap. I'm old.

This time, 2011 will definitely be my year. Because I say so.


ps: I am currently listening to Kim Hyun Joong's Because I'm Stupid acoustic version. I feel like a thousand knives stab right through my soul. But I love how painful it feels. Nice.