Thursday, December 30, 2010

Highlights of 2010.

Howdy folks.

Oh dear, 2010 is almost over. So let's see if I've achieved anything this year. I can't really remember anything from the early year. But here goes.

- Fall Out Boy called for indefinite hiatus T_T (why the hell do I remember this?! -.-)
- Went to KPM Branang for English Carnival. It was probably the best memory I've ever had in KPM. Great times.
- Achieved 3.86 GPA for sem 2. Dropped to 3.44 for sem 3. Testa di cazzo.
- Joined PSN, but got my ass kicked out haha. Funny times.
- Had my toenail removed. One hell of experience.
- Had a fall out with a friend. And still broken.
- Got silver medal for KASUKMA.
- Got barred for final exam for the first time of my life. But I managed to un-bar hahaha. I don't know what's the correct term.
- World Cup 2010. Spain won the WC for the first time since I don't know when.
- I became an official Gleek.
- My house got a renovation. Wow. A year ago my house was very different from now.
- I was elected as the secretary of AFPAC. I gotta stop taking responsibilities, because I'm no good at it.
- my brother got married.
- I learned to do a bunch of stuff. I started a business, I learned to play drums, guitar and dance. Not exactly getting good at any of those, but at least I know a little something.
- Jia won't be around next year. I wish not to talk about this.
- I talked about football alot hahaha. Wow, I've realized how annoying it is hahahahahahah.

So that was all I could think of right now. No achievements at all, wow. Each success was blown by another failure. 2010 is not my year. Definitely.

Anyway, goodbye 2010 and hello 2011. I can't tell the future, but one thing for sure, I'll be ending my teen years in six months or so. I'm turning 20 oh crap. I'm old.

This time, 2011 will definitely be my year. Because I say so.


ps: I am currently listening to Kim Hyun Joong's Because I'm Stupid acoustic version. I feel like a thousand knives stab right through my soul. But I love how painful it feels. Nice.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Two best highlights of this holiday! :D

Howdy folks!

I am in an extremely good mood, but am bored at the same time. Boredom makes me anxious. So here I am, trying to ease my anxiety while waiting for the downloads to finish. I am currently downloading Vampire Diaries season 2 and Lost season 2 - 6. Yesterday had gone 'wasted' as I didn't download any episodes due to my absence from home. But more on that later.

We will all be back in college in 3 weeks time. Tops. 3 weeks I am going to live to the fullest. I am going to sleep as less as possible and enjoy every moment of it. I'm going to finish Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (which my bro called it "Ass in crude brothelhood" -___________-'') as slow as possible. I don't want to run out on entertainment, eh. And I'm also searching for the best book titles to read later in college. Anyone has any suggestion? Let me know!

I know the title doesn't match the content haha. I've sidetracked from my initial idea. But nevermind. I'll create another post later on. Right now, I'm heading downstairs to watch any football match playing. See you guys in a bit aite.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Somehow unplanned outings are more fun.

Howdy folks.

Today I went out with Tenot, Aqie and Raje again. Tenot called around 2pm asking me if I wanted to go for karaoke at Danga Bay. I'd never say no to such invitation haha. But before we went to Danga Bay, we stopped at Perling Mall (to wait for Raje) and at Angsana (to visit Rahmah who is working at an optical shop. Ironically, when we arrived, she was actually sleeping hahaha. Cool eh, able to sleep during work. We stayed for an hour or so, then we left for our destination. It has finer choices of songs, that place we went to. They even have japanese songs! Too bad I can't remember the lyrics. Next time I wanna sing Orange Range's songs. Should be fun haha. After that we went to Jusco Bukit Indah to dine. It took us half an hour to decide where to eat. -_- we ended up dining at BBQ Chicken. That place is expensive, I tell ya! -.-''

Anyway, it was fun. Of course, hanging out with them is always fun. I love my homies, folks hahaha. I wish Yan had more time in JB. Feel like we didn't hang out enough -_-''

By the way, it's Arsenal v Manchester Utd later on. I hope Arsenal beat the crap out of Man U. I hate that club.


ps: Fatin Atiqah, bila mau kuar dengan saya kah? -_-''

Saturday, December 11, 2010

In courtesy of Tenot's request. :D

Howdy folks.

I haven't told you this. But a few weeks ago I watched Harry Potter with Tenot, Aqie, Raje and Ayap. We were excited as hell, or atleast I was haha. The movie rocked my world, probably because I hadn't been re-reading the book. But yea the movie is probably the best instalment since the Goblet of Fire. After movie, we went to Jusco Bukit Indah to get some food from the Shihlin restaurant. I remember Ayap saying, "beli makanan lagi? tadi cakap beli untuk abang, tp habis gak. ni untuk mak, kejap lagi abes laa tu" hahahaha. Yeah I eat alot, big deal. So all in all, I had a major blast.

A couple of days ago, we went out again. Me, Tenot, Aqie and Raje. We went bowling. Something's seriously wrong with IOI mall's bowling centre. The ball just won't go its way it's supposed to go. Cazzo. After that we went to Danga City Mall for karaoke (again) plus Tenot was craving for the I-don't-know-the-name noodles. But sadly, we ordered the wrong ones. Mine had the weirdest taste, but it was edible enough I guess. Later we went for that karaoke and the song selection sucked. I can't even select 10 songs. I will never go to that place again. Ever. After two hours of yelling and screaming and not singing on my part, we went to Jusco Bukit Indah to dine at Pizza Hut. It was probably the best service I've received yet haha. The host was genuinely friendly and bubbly. I don't know what his name was, but I called him Kamsamida, because he liked it when we greeted him in Korean. Seriously, it was the coolest dine I'd ever had in a restaurant hahaha. Tenot and I solved some puzzles, didn't we Tenot? xD We stayed until closing. Good times.

There ya go, Tenot. We did have fun, eh? A great one on my part haha.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Killing is a crime.

Howdy folks. Killing some time before the Champions League matches kick off. There's nothing to do during the day, so I can sleep through it.

I don't mind spending time at home, but I prefer to spend my holiday outside. Staying home during the day is super boring cuz I'm home alone. Everyone's off to work. Plenty of stuff to do, but I'm getting tired of watching TV and reading all day. But my homies are short on budget, and most of em have stuff to do at home. I'm pretty envious in some way -_-

Yan is going back to Penang. I'm seriously considering to follow her to Penang. I wanna eat that funny food I once had. I forgot the name. But it's super delicious. *drooling*

Ran out of ideas. Off for now. Cheerio!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh nostalgia, you're my new regrets.

Someone said to me, "no offence, but I don't understand most of your posts. Too much play at words." Maybe. Would you rather I post stuff like, "I love noodles!!" or "I'm eating icecream!!"?


Howdy folks, how are ya? I've just finished watching movies marathon. It started ok, but then after three movies the storylines in my head kinda got jumbled up and I can't tell apart which scene is from which movie. So I stopped after the sixth movie. Now I don't know who's the guy that keeps popping in my mind.

Anyway, I've been home for a week plus now. Being home is always fun, like I said thousand times before. Things couldn't go wrong ya know? Life's great around your homies.

I've went out a few times. The first time I went out with Pja and Yan for karaoke. I really got on Yan's nerve when I sang that Bieber song. So right now I'm memorizing more Bieber songs to sing to her. I'm also learning some of his moves. She'd be delighted.

The second time it was with the F.U.Clan babes plus Yan. Sya, Jue, Pja, and Petom. We watched Megamind, the six of us. The movie's kinda okay I guess. Then Yan had to go home, but the five of us went to err some place to take pictures. We went for karaoke. Again.

The third time I went out with Raja, Aqie, Yan and Abang. The two boys and I watched Due Date, and the movie's good, though not as great as the Hangover. This might sound odd, but I find Robert Downey Jr....I don't know if I should use 'hot' or 'sexy', but yeah you get the picture. Then we ate at err I dunno what's the name of the mexican restaurant. El Amigos? I dunno. But the teriyaki burger was delicious.

I regret mentioning the burger, you know why.

None of the outings were planned, but I had fun. Like I said thousand and one times before, life around homies is heaven.

My stomach hurts for the burger. Damn burger.


Friday, December 3, 2010

I'd love to hold your hands, but how can I when you've gone beyond life?

Howdy folks.

I miss you, MJ. I really do.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ain't he look gorgeous?

Howdy folks.

Guess who? :)
You can definitely be your own spotlight.