Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm awesome, smile and wave to the world!

Howdy folks.

Wow how long has it been? Haha. To be honest, I'm not sure if I have anything positive to tell these days. Let's just say 2010 isn't exactly my year like I claimed it's going to be back in January. (Maybe it's not my weekend but it's gonna be my year, remember?) But I don't want to be that sappy kinda person who bitches about her life every single day. Cmon, the wheel spins, there is no way your life is crappy all the way.

I can't wait for this sem to end. I need my break from this place. I don't know, this semester seems way longer than the previous semesters. Probably because I've caught myself in pretty shitty stuff. I can't wait for January to come too. Kaka will be back in action! I really can't wait. It's been what, 5 months? That's the longest Kaka-drought I've ever gone through -_-'' Plus, I can't wait for my nail to grow back. I want to play badminton. I want to play bowling! T_T

I miss my homies. I really do. I know I'd just came home last Friday. But still I miss them. I don't know how it'd be if my dream come true. To study abroad, that is. I can't even stand a few days away from my homies, how can I ever stand months? I was thinking maybe I should go to the same uni as one of my homies. Maybe that'll be different, eh? I hope history doesn't repeat, though. I wouldn't want to lose another homie.

Oh, I can safely say that I won't be able to achieve 4.0 this sem. I can't even maintain my core CGPA of 4.0. Why? Well, remember I said about me being denied of my Costing test? Turned out the test was 20% of my carry mark. And my total carry mark is probably less than 15%. The final mark is 60%, and I'm pretty sure I can't score full 100% in final. You do the math. So that's why I plan to go to Segamat and ask Pja to tutor me. The least I must get is A-. I wouldn't forgive myself if I got lower than that. So Jah, tolong!! T_T

Anyway, I wanna wish everyone the best of luck! Do your best, folks. So we can all enjoy the break to the fullest! :D

See you guys soon. Cheerio.