Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tagged by the sisters!

Howdy folks.

Write 5 interesting facts about the person who gave u this award.

1 - they're crazy sisters who are always on each other's cases, but they love each other. Awww bahahahaha.

2 - People said Yan kinda looks like me in some of the pictures, but with small eyes and she's prettier. Aten is taller than most of us and I'm jealous -.-''

3 - Aten has weird eyelashes. Yan has weird obsession with Volkswagen Beetle.

4 - Just like Aten said, we are both Germany supporters. Yan hates football and I don't know why. Why Yan? Why?

5 - One of the things I love about the sisters is that they laugh at my jokes eventhough it's not that funny. Or maybe they're laughing at me for being so silly, but who cares, they laugh!

Write down 10 interesting facts about yourself and your hobby.

1 - I'm a huge fan of football. I talk, eat, sleep, dream, shower football. The only thing I don't do is play football. I'm a loyal supporter of Germany. I might marry a German someday. I hope.

2 - I actually have a crush on gay people. I don't know, something about gay men that attracts me. Insane, I know -.-''

3 - I am afraid of commitment. That is probably why I'm still single. Being single is fun and lonely at the same time, so I really can't decide hahah.

4 - When I'm in a crowd, I have a feeling that someone's watching me, like a spy or something. I know I'm being paranoid and noone's even looking at me, but still. It's the side effect of ADHD I guess. And oh yea, I have hyperactive-impulsive ADHD.

5 - I'm almost always on the edge when I'm hungry. I get easily upset over little things. So the next time I get cranky, just shove some burgers in my mouth!

6 - I am always thinking and planning. Even when I go to sleep, I always plan something. I should stop planning because things don't always go as planned.

7 - I have odd friends! Lets see. I have gaybian friends, I have a friend who got knocked up and is keeping the baby, I have a friend who is religious but drinks at the same time, I have a friend who blames me for her failure hahaha. I have friends! Thank God my homies are normal.

8 - I can't stay mad at someone for a long time. No matter how big we got into a fight, it'll only last for days. I can't stand the long silence and not talking to anyone.

9 - Ok here's a bit of a shocker...or not. I'm actually a crybaby hahaha. Sadly, it's true -.-''

10 - Despite how lazy I am as a human being, I am a perfectionist. All or nothing. Believe me, it's not a good thing. I'm still working on it. Because I'm way than perfect so I don't really deserve perfection.

And finally I have found 10 (not) interesting facts about me. It was excruciating duhh -.-''