Wednesday, October 13, 2010

eat pray love

That's what I should be doing.

Howdy folks.

Don't mind me, I'm just trying to ease myself.

You'll do fine, Has. You don't need those people to be happy. You have your homies who are all over the world pursuing their happiness, you have your family who are working hard to survive. You tend to get lonely at times like this, but you know you're not alone. You'll never walk alone. You'll find someone later on in life who's worth the while. Your family loves you, your homies love you. Just because they're not here to comfort you doesn't mean they don't care about you. These aren't the stuff you tell yourself hahaha. But get this: They love you just as much as you love them. Sure, they might hurt you sometimes, but that doesn't mean they're being mean. That doesn't make them evil. That makes them human, because noone's perfect, so STOP looking for perfection. They're just like you, we all make mistakes. So look in the mirror and smile. Wave to the person standing in front you. Because she is one holy of a lucky person. She has family and homies and friends. There are others who are less fortunate. You can't always get things to go your way. So what you should do is just suck it up and make the best of it. No matter how big of a crap it is. Okay? You look like a lunatic now, talking to yourself. So you should stop here.