Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"CL doesn't stand for Cristiano Lonaldo, it stands for Champions League."

Howdy folks.

Just a quick post.

I realized it's been awhile since I last updated. I have like, 30 drafts of different stories in my auto-saved folder haha. I wrote half a page about em, and then decided it wasn't important. Anyway, just want to update on the Champions League score sheet. I know none of you cares, but what the heck. I wanna bore you still bahahahaha.

REAL MADRID won 2 0 against Ajax. Now, it might not look so bad, but get this: Ronaldo had 23(i think) shots and missed every single one of em. Higuain... well he could've scored a hat-trick but didn't, and finished with only 2 goals. Not bad, I can forgive you for that. Ozil....don't let me get started on him -__________-'' while Angel di Maria could've scored in two opportunities, but he blew it. So yeah, FT Real Madrid 2 Ajax nil.

I didn't really watch CHELSEA's match, because the match kicked off at the same time as Real Madrid's. But get this, they scored a goal everytime I switch the channel to watch Real Madrid play =.='' They won the match 4 1 against Zilina. The scorers were Sturridge, Essien and Anelka scored two goals.

AC MILAN weren't so bad either. They won the match against Auxerre with 2 goals by Ibrahimovic. The match is currently playing on Astro, but I can't watch it or I'll pass out today -_-'' My friends are coming over, and the last thing I wanna do is fall into a coma.

But, if the match currently playing is BAYERN MUNICH's, I must be downstairs right now watching it. But bless Astro, they decided not to play the match. Fools. :-L However thank God Bayern won. I read Muller broke the deadlock during the 79th minute, and of course my Klose scored another goal few minutes after that. Kloseeeeee I love you, and Muller too! :3

Anyway, what amazed me is that ARSENAL crushed out Braga with 6 goals =.='' Fabregas played REALLY, REALLY well in the match. He scored two goals, provided the assists for like, 3 goals. FABulous performance FABregas :P

Alright, off to bed. My homies are coming in a few hours. Can't wait! :D


ps: Today is my homie Fatin Atiqah's mum's birthday. Be sure to wish her mum happy birthday :)