Monday, August 16, 2010

What am I trying to prove?

Nothing, I just wanna live my life.

Howdy folks.

Sorry for the lack of updates, my life has literally inverted. Not messed up, just....inverted. It's a long story, I don't wanna go there just yet.

So anyway, I think I'm going insane. You see, these are the things I've been up to lately;

1 - run not one but two businesses; topup and drinks. Yes, I'm the boss of both businesses. Not alot of work, but they consume most of my time. It's uber profitable!

2 - learn to play drums. I do this on weekends, when I go jamming with my friends. Uhh wait, not exactly jamming when I'm the only one who's playing -.-'' but still, I'm learning. I've bought sticks, and wherever I go I'd bang the stuff around me hahaha. Annoying to others, but it's fun!

3 - learn how to play guitar. Literally, practically. Folks, I even BOUGHT A GUITAR! There goes some of my savings for Brazil, but I'll pay the money back, promise Kaka. But yeah. I own an acoustic guitar now. Not exactly the best in stores, but a pretty decent one. The best part is I get to learn how to play for free, God bless my homies and friends who volunteered to share their skills and knowledge! Love ya guys loads! xD

4 - learn how to dance. I'm making progress here hahahah.

5 - train for Kasukma. I haven't played badminton for awhile, I think I've lost my fitness. I need to train harder -.-''

I'm feeling light-headed. I should head to bed now.


ps: playing guitar is bad for your fingers. -.-''