Thursday, August 5, 2010

Steaady, Steaaadyy, Argh!

Howdy folks.



No no, no cheerio just yet.

Today I had so much fun, eventhough it wasn't even half as fun as EC. Still, met alot of my folks from other colleges. And they remember me! Hahaha. However it was exhausting. Too many people, too little workers. x_x

So anyway, yesterday was my dear folk, Jia's birthday! Happy birthday Jia. I'm going to miss you. I'm going to miss having you around. I hope the people there will appreciate you as much as we do. And if they don't, you're always welcome to come back to home ;)

Since it was her birthday, she got free calls to all maxis numbers, so I decided to prank call some of my homies hahaha. All of em except Raja fell for it hahahahahahaha. Guling2 aku kat situ xD if there weren't so many customers, I would've called all of my friends who use maxis service. Too bad. Ramai tak kena. Takpe nanti ade lagi. Baik korang jaga2 xD

Ah I should go to sleep. Night, folks.