Monday, August 2, 2010


Howdy folks.

Been awhile since I updated, eh? Life's been pretty hectic for me. I barely have any rest. To be honest, I'm not used to having loads of responsibilities. The last two semesters, all I did after class was sleep my day through. Now I have to attend meetings, organize events, monitor my....friends (I wouldn't call them underlings), prepare the monthly and annual reports, blablabla. For my homies, that's an ENORMOUS change for me haha. I know. I still complain as much as I used to, but the only difference this time is that I actually get things done. So hurray! Ms Hasliza scores a point for growing up!

But seriously. I think I'm actually growing up. Still the immature brat, but with a mix of conscience and sensibility.

So when I came back home last Friday, I was actually looking forward to hang out with my homies, just chill, relax and chillax. Things didn't go as I wished, but can't complain. They have their own lives.

Anyway, the past few days I've had dreams about the same person. I find this weird cuz I haven't thought about that person in a long time now. And I don't remember the details of the dreams as well. The only thing I can recall is that person's smiling face. Weird, eh. Oh well. Dreams are only dreams.

Talking about dream. My plan to achieve my dream is still going well. This is so cool. I want the next 4 years to fly by like a jet because this anticipation is killing me! xD

Right now I'm totally addicted to WC South Africa for XBox360. Aaaarrghh I wanna go back home to play the game! Or maybe I should just 'smuggle' it in =S

Ops. This is taking too much of my time. I gotta go. See ya folks!