Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Que viene y que va.

Howdy folks.

So...! I know I'm a bit late on updating this news, but yeah Spain won the WC2010. Ifelicitaciones a los Espanoles! Okay, enough about this WC. Honestly the fever hasn't subsided yet, still working on it hahah.

Some of you may already know this, but I'm planning to go to Brazil for FIFA World Cup 2014. I am REALLY working on it and REALLY looking forward to it. I hope things work out as planned. I shouldn't have problem financially, but there are alot of uncertain things involved in this plan. Stuff like, where will I be then, what will I be doing, who will stick to the plan and who won't. I can never tell, ya know. So all I gotta do now is pray to God I am given the chance to witness WC2014, LIVE! :) Alone or with company, I am definitely going. Hopefully ><

Got shitload of stuff to do. Signing off. Peace out, cheerio!