Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The thing. The event.

Howdy folks.

So I've waited for this...one thing to happen for what seemed like forever. And when it's finally happened, I'm not there. 'JEMPUT MAKAN' arghh.

I don't regret going out with my friends tonight. Even if I did know that 'the thing' would happen tonight, I would still go out with them. I wouldn't trade the times we had for the world. But what I do regret is that 'the thing' happened tonight. Why didn't it happen while I was waiting? Why didn't it wait until I'm waiting for it to happen? I want to be there when 'the thing' happened. But sadly I was out with my friends.

I really, REALLY, really really want to be there. BADLY.

I want to cry because I missed the opportunity. 'Jemput makan'. 'JEMPUT MAKAN'!!!

Sigh. Please give me another chance. Please.