Saturday, June 5, 2010


Howdy folks.

I know I've used this line so many times that I sometimes recite it in my sleep, but it's time like this when I think of you and wonder if you ever think of me. Wait. I think nowadays I constantly wonder if I ever crossed your mind. Hmm.

Oh my dear God. I think I'm becoming sort of obsessive =.= shite. Did not think of that. Ah what the hell. As long as I don't start to disturb him every second, I think I'm still okay. He still have no idea how I feel about him (definitely not love).

I'm becoming soft, doncha think? What the hell happened to me, folks? What went wrong? Buang laa perasaan bangang ni jauh2. Yan said I've changed. Said I'm becoming more...feminine? Haha dunno. Probably the way I dress sometimes. I still wear tshirt and jeans though. I guess I dress to blend with the people I'm hanging out with. I mean, I look out of place enough when I'm the only one who wears tudung. If I wear sneaker + tshirt + jeans, I look (and feel) like someone from another planet an. -_-''

I want my old self. The cool, confident, bakul type of person. Argh!


ps: Get well soon, Pja.