Sunday, June 20, 2010

A break from World Cup for just a sec.

Howdy folks.

No I'm not gonna talk about World Cup. I just need to let something out.

Last year A told me something about B.
I thought it was just a misunderstanding. You know, false alarm.
But today I found out that in fact it actually happened.
And there's evidence.
My mind went numb. I couldn't think. Tears strolled down my cheeks without me realizing it.
I just can't believe it.
Why couldn't B trust me with this?
I could've helped.
I knew a gist of it, but I didn't know the bigger part of it.
And now that I know about it, I wish I never found out.
But if I don't know, I can't help.
Gosh. :(
And now, even after hours since I found out, I still cry whenever I think about it.
The thing never left my mind. I'm still in shock.
I didn't know it turned out the worst case scenario.
What will happen in the future?
How will this end?
This never ends well.

But I'll never break in front of you.
I gotta be strong for you, my friend.
I'll stand by you, I'll be there for you.
Through thick and thin of life.
I promise I'll do anything in my power to help you through this.
I love you, I'm never gonna leave your side. :')

Haha shit. That sounds like a wedding vow xD
Sigh. We're not the closest friends, but she's a great friend.
And a great person.
I wish I could turn back time and amend this for her. :(

No. Keep moving forward. That's what we have to do.

"The regrets are useless in my mind, she's in my head, I must confess."
Life isn't always about me.
And I just found another reason to live for.