Monday, May 31, 2010

There is no 'I' in 'TEAM'.

Howdy folks.

I feel kinda weary lately. I sleep my day through and I feel tired and exhausted. What wears me out? I can think of a few reasons:

1 - my favorite kittens are dead. Out of the blue, I tell ya. One minute they're healthy and the next they're gone. They always accompanied me while I was playing games, rolling and chasing each other around. Sigh. I didn't even cry. Geez.

2 - my mom is transferred to KL to work there. F.U.C.K.

3 - I'm fucking bored at home. I have nothing to do, literally. No cleaning to do, no house chores, no entertainment, nothing. WHY, OF ALL TIMES, DO THEY WANNA DO THE HOUSE RENOVATION NOW?!! I need to go out and get a job or something.

4 - that strange folk keeps on bugging my thoughts. Every single minute. What the hell, dude? Leave me alone! I don't appreciate you visiting my thoughts so frequently. What's with you? Why, WHY do I think of you?!

I want my old self. When nothing bothers me. When nothing in the world matters.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What the...F?

Hey, I wasn't gonna say f*ck. Hah sape pikir f-word tu, insaf-insaflaa!

...I think I'm losing my mind.

Anyway. Howdy folks. I know I vowed to always use english in my blog, but right now I don't feel like writing in english. Oh what the hell. Most of you (if not all) understand malay, so why not.

Jadi....folks (ape bahasa melayu? orang tua? -_-), sudah lama saya rasa nak update blog ni dengan maklumat yang berkesan, tapi nampaknye gagal stiap kali. Waduh waduh. Susah laa, bila internet takde, berkobar-kobar nak tulis. Idea datang macam air. Bila da ade depan PC ni ha, takde plak air-air yang datang tadi. Kemarau ade laa. Adeyy.

Tu lah. Tadi nak cakap ape? Aku pun da lupa. Takpe laa cuba lain kali. Haa ni esok nak kuar dengan kawan - kawan saya yang saya amat sayang. Heh geli plak aku bila da translate melayu -.-'' Ya know what, the thing is I'm not the cheesy, mellow kinda person. I don't show my affections the way I should, or how I feel. But I love em. My folks. Alot.

Argh. Why skejap saya skejap aku? And no english.

Argh. Itu pun english!

Bila masa menunjukkan jam 1.47 am dan anda da mula merepek, itu menunjukkan dah tiba masa anda tido. Or at least that's how I feel.


Okay, this is stupid. Off to bed. See ya folks. Cheerio!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Siang malam esok lusa. What difference does it make?

Howdy folks.

Anyway, on 22 May 2010, I went to PERSADA for a Catur Bistari competition. I was supposed to be at the expo on the 21st, but there were...problems, so I had to skip a day. HAD to bahahah.

The first round was the worst game I've ever played my entire life. I mean, 30 minutes left and I only had 19k worth of assets. How shitty was that? I somehow managed to cheat
(by skipping steps. Everyone was so busy accumulating assets, they barely noticed that I was cheating HAHAHA) and accumulated 3m. SAHAJA. -.-''

I did pretty good in the second round, though. I owned a whopping 39m worth of assets. Not the best scorer in the hall, but for a newbie who've only played three times in her life, it's something. A guy owned 119m worth of assets. It's bloody awesome -.-'' although I heard he cheated. But still, bloody awesome!

I am currently reading Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. That novel is so freaking awesome, I wish it never ends ha ha ha ha. Especially on the first date and how Lara met Ed HAHAHAHAHAHA. Ya guys should seriously own the novel. Totally worth it.

Okay, I'm off. Cheerio!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Birthday Wishes.

Howdy folks.

Happy super belated birthday! Sorry, I must've somehow forgotten your birthday -_- adeyy sorry3. Usually fb or ms yang remind aku, tapi nampaknya duduk dalam utan, reminder tak sampai on time ahaha. -_-'' so anyway, happy birthday homie. Best of wishes and luck!


Kak Naddy Yaya,
Walaupun sudah wish, tapi nak wish lagi. Happy birthday Kak Nad robot kuh. Hadiah birthday lambat sket laa ye. Sape suh tak warning awal2 ahaha. Next sem da last wuuuwuuuuu T.T mesti nak kaco Kak Nad puas2! Bahaha. Akhir kata, sayang Kak Nad la! xD

P.S: Sorry tak penah (saya repeat - TAK PENAH) tido kat bilik sendiri ahaha. -_-''


Ismith a.k.a IsGa Banks a.k.a Gentleman GaGa a.k.a pape-nickname-ko-nak,
Happy birthday brother. Wish you well and success in life and may our little friendship lasts longer than it should be ahaha. Psst, between you and me, you are one of the coolest friends I have ;) I know that there's a 99% chance that you won't be reading this, but what the head, eh?

That's about it. Cheerio!