Friday, February 26, 2010

What is it with mosquitos and AB type?

Howdy folks.

When people say that you're blessed if you have AB blood type, they're lying. Sure, you're one of the universal blood receivers, but it seems that mosquitos have a taste for your blood. And this makes you not blessed, because you don't get enough sleep at night. Plus you're more proned to Dengue or any diseases carry by the airborne organism. Blood transfusion can't help ya, eh?


And I'm not even sure if I'm AB type. -_-''

Anyway, I'm a lil bit cranky lately and I don't know why. Usually I'm a cool kinda person, I don't get upset so easily, or yell at anyone. Sigh. Probably because I found out that my so-called friends have been talking behind my back. Whatever the fuck did I ever do to them? Oh dear God, I wish You would send me a real friend whom I can trust to be honest with me and stay true.

In times like this that I wish I'm not alone, if you know what I mean.

The only good thing in my life right now is Glee. Haha just thinking about Glee makes me happy.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Belle Goose.

Make sure you've read the title before you proceed. Think the name rings a bell? Or maybe it tickles?

If no, then you're just a normal human being.

If yes, then you're one hell of a Twilighter.

Howdy folks. Yes the name is actually a parody of Bella Swan. The other day, I went to MPH and bought a number of books.

Top to bottom: Nightlight, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Demigod Files, Eh! Wat Yu Talking?, PS. I Love You, A Place Called Here / Thanks For The Memories, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Last Olympian.

If you're wondering (I'm sure you're not, but I'm gonna say it anyway. Hah!) why did I buy the last book and not the first four, well, I'm collecting the hard cover copies of the Percy Jackson series, and the bookstore I went to only have the last book. So I'll have to find the other four. If you found em anywhere, please, PLEASE let me know.

Anyway, the reason I'm writing this post is not to promote Percy Jackson (not intentionally), but to err talk (I wouldn't say promote) about Nightlight.

Here's a sneak peek:

The scene in the classroom:

"I walked towards the seat, circling my hips and raising my eyebrows rhythmically like an attractive person. Suddenly I was falling forwards, sliding down the aisle from the momentous force of my plunge. Luckily, a computer wire wrapped around my ankle and stopped me from slamming into Mr Franklin's desk. I quickly pulled it from the wall to untangle myself, stood up, and looked around casually to see if anyone had seen. The whole class was looking at me, but probably for a different reason - I had a hologram patch on my backpack. From one angle it was an eggplant, from another it was an aubergine.

Edwart was looking at me too. He was seething furiously. His computer was open in front of him, and the synthesized melody from before had ceased. He raised his fist at me in anger.

I wiped the chemical dust off my clothes and sat down. Without looking at Edwart, I pulled out my textbook and notepad. Then, without looking at Edwart, I looked at the board and wrong down the terms Mr. Franklin had written. I don't think other people in my situation could do quite so many things without looking at Edwart.

Facing straight ahead, I let my eyes sort of slide to the side and study him peripherally, which doesn't count as looking. We were sitting side by side at the lab counter, yet he hadn't started a conversation with me. It was as though I hadn't applied deodorant or something when in reality Ihad applied deodorant, perfume and Febreze. I picked up a pencil on Edwart's desk and pressed it against the soft, supple flesh of my face.

I turned to thank him for the use of his pencil, but he was looking at me in horror, his mouth agape. He grabbed the pencil and started wiping his hands with baby-wipes and rubbing the pencil with Purell. Then he drew a circle around himself in chalk and returned to copying notes from the board, singing this jingle amiably to himself:

"Germs contagious. Contagion alert. But Edwart and Purell are stronger than dirt."

I reached out to borrow the pencil again for my notes, but the moment my hand breached the chalk line he screamed. It was an unnaturally high pitch for a boy."

Enjoy! :D

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere.

Howdy folks.

I'm listening to Owl City's Vanilla Twilight, and it brings me calm and sadness, both at the same time. It's a nice, soothing song, the voice chills me up my spine. When people asked me why do I keep holding on to someone so surreal (yes, I do love him unconditionally), I never knew the right answer. But now I do : "When I think of you, I don't feel so alone." I'll keep holding on til someone can bring me to a safe ground.

Today went for English Carnival audition. I've been to so many auditions, but this one was a kick-ass. They asked us to sing the Beauty and the Beast theme song. Shite. I wasn't one of those kids who grew up reading fairy tales or listening to nursery rhymes. I grew up listening to Green Day and Guns And Roses. I watched Juggernaut and Police Academy. Hahaha. My audition was a mess, I can safely say goodbye to a trip to KPM Branang. T__T Sorry Nadnott, maybe next year I'll try harder.

In response to Fatin's reply, you weren't in my top 6, but you're definitely in top 10. :) You're one of the few who actually try to be a friend. But maybe it's been too long since we've talked, that you've fallen off a few places haha. Anyway, I'm not trying to number my friends. I love every single one of you who loves me. I'll love you just as much as you love me. It's simple math, really. What you give is what you get. What you borrow is what you're paying for. I know most of my dear friends don't drink, but Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends. Figure the irony out.

Time to go to sleep. Cheerio!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A tribute to some of the very few that matter.

Howdy folks.

Today in class I scribbled some names on a piece of paper. Planning on uploading it, but maybe later. I'm feeling like paying the tribute now, so Imma do it while I have the energy to do it.


In the last post, I might have said (or thought) "My friends all lie and say they only want the best wishes for me (when really they don't)." Lets be discreet. The statement is an exception to those listed above.

They listen to my stories, even if they bore em to death. They ask questions. They disagree and argue with me. But it's the differences that makes the perfect combination. I'm not quite sure how to put what I feel into words. But I know for sure that how I feel about em is awesomeness! Haha tahlah.

Aku da blur, tak tau nak cakap ape. -_-'' Hah da terkeluar BM plak dah.

I should go. Looking forward to Raya Cina. Can' wait!