Saturday, January 2, 2010


Howdy folks.

I'm feeling a lil bit okay now, so I'm gonna express my opinion on Faten's post now.

Well, what she said was true. Children these days are spoiled and mischievous. But I think spoiling your child doesn't always make them hellish. It's just up to your luck, that's all.

You can say I was a spoiled brat when I was a kid. I usually got what I wanted, if what I was asking wasn't too much. But I believe I turn out alright. Not great, but good. As for my brothers and sister, they weren't really pampered and spoiled, but they turn out alright too.

The way you treat your child can result to two different situations.

Say, if you pamper your child, the child might:
1 - grow up to be bitchy (for girls) and/or (for gays) rebellious (for boys). They demand things and make you miserable. Or;
2 - grow up to be successful, thankful and remembers the stuff you did for them when they were younger. They might do you good in return.

If you don't pamper your child, the child might:
3 - grow up to be repulsive. Girl, gay or boy, doesn't matter. They will hate you for not giving them what they wanted.
4 - grow up to be independent. They might realize that things aren't easy in life, that you don't always get what you want and that you have to work hard to get them.

I'm not a mother, obviously, so I don't really know how to parent a child. But I think you just have to know when to say yes and when to say no. You can beat up your child (I wouldn't say to pulp) to teach them a lesson, and show them your love at the same time by giving them what they want. Not necessarily something expensive. Anything simple will do, like icecreams and candy.

I don't know if you get the full idea of my opinions. I don't know how to elaborate. Fuck it. Least I tried, eh?

Goodnight folks. Cheerio!