Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thoughts on Faten's post.

Howdy folks.

This post is inspired by Faten's post. I'm just gonna express my point of view.

I'm light-headed right now, so I'm gonna make it simple and short. Will elaborate later.

Sometimes. Turn. Pamper. Good. Bad.


Okay, maybe too short. But I'm having a really bad headache right now and I don't know what I'm saying, my brain isn't functioning well so I'm just gonna go lay down.

But I promise I will get back to this soon. Promise!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Mad as rabbits."

Howdy folks.

People have been asking why did I change my blog. I hope with this, people would stop asking. Since most of you use Blogspot, it's hard for me to catch up with your rapid updates. Using Livejournal is fun, you can join a community and chat about stuff. But I'm not really the chatty kinda person so I don't find the benefit beneficial. Plus 2009 is ending and 2010 is coming, so I thought why not start afresh?

Sorry if the background annoys you. I chose this cuz it reminds me of Panic At The Disco's Northern Downpour website, and I like it. Vintage. I don't read my own blog, so I don't know how you folks feel when reading my posts.

I'm gonna write a few more posts before I leave for UiTM. The 2009 year end review, what I look forward to in 2010, my new year resolutions etc.

Later. Cheerio!

I'm planning to start every post with 'Howdy folks' and sign off with 'Cheerio'.

ps: I'm not a free reader. I don't blog-walk. Cuz I don't really care about people I don't know. If I'm bored, I'll find another way to entertain myself. So if you want me to follow your blogs, let me know.

Cheerio again!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Detox just to retox.

I was actually gonna go with detoxtoretox, but the URL is already used by an asshole who doesn't even update his/her blog.

Starting fresh. Detox just to retox.